Your business simply looks great!Towards the bottom left of the screen you can see the new way Google is displaying search results. They are business places information from the Google maps service. Each of these listings has a corresponding panel on the right, like this search result, that showcases a particular business. The virtual tour and photos are used there to show a teaser of the great imagery you would like your potential customer to see. You can click on the See inside image to go right to your virtual tour.

google 01

Enhanced appearance in maps searches.Searches will immediately show businesses that have a virtual tour available by showing the See inside image in the left column. Clicking the image will take a potential customer right to your virtual tour where they can move around all the areas of your business included in the tour. They can zoom in on any part of the tour and follow the arrows to move around your business. It's such a great feature! Businesses, including Pubs, Hotels, Shops, Tourist Attractions, Theatres and Cinemas, to name just a few can benefit. Is your business missing out?

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Get to know your Google+ Local Page.

The new place to advertise your business, products and services. It's quick and easy to set up and use too! 
It's a place where you can display many pieces of information about what your business does and the products you sell. You can post latest news and updates, as well as tell customers your opening hours, contact details including a link to your own website and map location for sat-nav users. You can take complete control of how your business appears on Google and start building a social network with your customers
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