Photos of Africa web site welcomes you a ONLINE television production.

PHOTOS OF AFRICA is an established production company that produces travelogues, documentaries and promotional material of South African and surrounds for more than eighteen years.  Our productions are locally and internationally known and broadcasted, as well as displayed on our online South African travel channel ( to allow the large multi-national entities, medium enterprises as well as the small establishment owner the opportunity to partake in the tourism marketing benefits that were normally reserved for the ‘big guys’ on a ‘small guy’ budget.

We are a roving film production unit that frequently covers the diverse regions of our country for commissioned projects from governments, universities as well as the international private sector.  Our travel films, still photography, documentaries and promotional material comply and exceed international travelogue requirements.

Our loyal clientele include but are not limited to Forever Resorts, AAA Tour Operators, Tui Travel Europe, SATSA, Limpopo Tourism & Parks, Western Cape Municipality (Hermanus, Overberg etc.), Encounter Africa Magazine, Karoo Foundation, Legends Resorts, Avis luxury tours and the Parks Board of the Northern Cape.  Our viewers are local travelers as well as the international independent and organized travel party.

Recently we partnered with Cityinfo TV to promote local tourism, and expect this number of hotels signing onto the travel channel to increase rapidly.  Currently our travel documentaries about Southern Africa resorts and regions are being broadcasted daily in 30 000 hotel rooms, guesthouses and game farms around the country.  Our annual growth rate is approximately 25% and a detailed report of all resorts where our material is broadcasted is given to all our valued clients once a year, or on request.

PHOTOS OF AFRICAS online travel channel currently showcase 530 lodges, activities and tourism attractions.  

Our travel documentaries, and wildlife inserts is continuously shown at Cape Town TV a local broadcaster.

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