We do custom work. Contact us if you need video footage not currently in our library.
Clips that have a broadcast cost less than $50 can be used for free on web pages, providing you credit PhotosofAfrica.com and provide a hyperlink to our site.  Also, the video clip must be posted on your web page for at least 12 months.  The video clips will have an Photos of Africa watermark and will have a resolution of 640x360 or less.  For more information select the Terms and Conditions FAQ.  Contact us for more information
Videos are excellent at providing a lot of information quickly as you can provide emotive images combined with audio providing the information. In an environment which requires you to make a connection with the viewer quickly or lose them this is very valuable. That said for video to be effective on the web they need to be internet friendly – short, punchy and relevant.
The benefits of investing in Video:-
Best way to convey a lot of information quickly
Can provide a great summary of your product
Makes your Website ’stickier’
Can be placed on You Tube (2nd largest search engine) and other video sharing sites
Can be embedded into maps and on your own web site.
Videos have been traditionally expensive however the barrier of entry has become significantly lower. If you are interested in developing video for your product contact Photos of Africa we can assist you do this cost effectively.
A beautiful collection of HIGH DEFINITION STOCK FOOTAGE for sale of nature, wildlife, cities, agriculture, time-lapse, Southern Africa tourism and much more.
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