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This is how real men shoot animals face bookface book

social mediasocial media

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Aerial Photography and Video Photos of Africa is composed of: VIDEO , PHOTO and Drones .

What flying machine? With a lightweight drone drones developed by DJI

Where can I use your services? Anywhere in the European Union and Africa.

How stable is filming? Our drones are equipped with an image stabilizer brushless perfect brute.

What camera is used to shoot in the air? Aerial filming project are Film ​​by Nikon D7100 camera, HD Canon XF 300 or a GoPro Hero 3 with brushless video stabilizer.

Can you view what is filming? Yes, A Ground-control monitor can view live footage of the drone of a radius of 2 km.

Offer discounts for multiple video objectives? Yes, customers who use our services for aerial filming several objectives, benefits of discounts.

You can fly over urban areas? Yes, we fly over any target areas, filming is possible with the condition not to violate the private space or a legal prohibition.

What type of aerial photography is available? Division Photos of Africa, we do aerial 360 Videos and Photos.

How high can you fly? Maximum altitude at which we fly is around 2000 m, but this elevation is not required for urban aerial photographs.

What is the flight time? Currently 10 minutes, extendable Endurance to 20 minutes.

How many motors can have a drone? The S900 has 6 Motors. Lift easy 5 kg.



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Chris du Plessis and His Gigapans of South Africa, GIGAPAN SPOTLIGHT Video producer and photographer Chris du Plessis showcases the wildlife of South Africa in travel films, still photography and documentaries. His South Africa Travel Channel features free travel documentaries for various resorts, safaris and National Parks. 
Driven by the need to help conservation in Africa, du Plessis is passionate about filming his country to bring attention to the beautiful landscapes and wildlife.
Why Gigapan
Du Plessis first learned about the Gigapan EPIC Pro after discovering an instructional video on YouTube. He could see that the possibilities for using the technology to promote travel and tourism in South Africa were endless.
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Chris du Plessis in German newspaper for Google Trusted Photographer As a Business Photos Trusted Photographer you build relationships with local businesses and work with them to photograph their space.

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Photos of Africa in Bare Essentials Magazine Bare Essentials Magazine founded in 2007 for the express purpose of raising funds and awareness for wildlife. The Initiative began as a tribute campaign acknowledging people and foundations dedicated to conservation. Through collaboration with zoo’s, artists, authors and photographers willing to provide incentive rewards, Bare Essentials began organizing local events.

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FIXER : Aquavision TV Productions To Whom It May Concern

Please let this letter serve as a testimonial that Chris du Plessis worked as a fixer for me for an Australian TV crew that visited a South Africa. His knowledge of the area the Australian crew proposed to work in was paramount in order for the Australian crew to achieve their goals within their schedule. Chris organized everything from transport to, accommodation, to logistical planning of routes, scheduled working time and even down time as per the Australian work schedule. His friendly manner and time allocation was spot on. Chris is a great asset to any production and a fantastic person to have on the team.    


Sean O'Neill - Head of Production Management

Aquavision TV Productions

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Photo Safari with a Cheetah ... Photo Safari with a Cheetah...Photos of Africa


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Southern Africa Travel Channel, Free Tourism and Wildlife Films GOOGLE+

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Shutterstock Sales
My latest images for sale at Shutterstock:


My most popular images for sale at Shutterstock:


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The Live Broadcast Satellite coverage Europe & Middle East:

--‐ Hotbird satellite Covering all of Europe & a big portion of the Middle East

--‐ Ku band satellite coverage

--‐ To be received with 60 to 90cmdishes

--‐ FTA transmission

--‐ Over 1000 Free to Air channels

--‐ More than 100 Million Homes


North America:

--‐ G19 satellite Covering all of USA & parts of limiting countries

--‐ Ku band satellite coverage

--‐ To be received with 60 to 90cm dishes

--‐ FTA transmission

--‐ Over 300 Free to Air Channels


Australia/New Zealand

Optus satellite

--‐ Ku band satellite coverage

--‐ To be received with 60 to 90cm dishes

--‐ FTA transmission

--‐ Over 100 Free to Air Channels


South Africa:

IS20 satellite, which transmits DSTV, covering South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique

Even parts of Angola & Tanzania.

Covering all of South Africa & parts of limiting countries

--‐ Ku band satellite coverage

--‐ To be received with 60 to 90cm dishes

--‐ FTA transmission

--‐ Over 300 channels

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Pond5, Video and Photo Stock Footage

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Video courses by Chris du Plessis Video courses

Basic course for beginners 2 days Course Description

In compressed form, you will get 'an impression of the key technical principles of cinematography. 
Through a balanced mix of theory and practice are going to learn 'content attractive and sustainable.

Course Content

  • Basic introduction to the technique of modern semi-professional camcorder.
  • Dealing with the settings most 'important of cameras.
  • Dealing with the exposure focus, and color.
  • Introduction to different camera movements, their impact and application.
  • Introduction to audio.
  • Introduction to drama: perception and cinematic storytelling.
  • Introduction to the theory of art.
  • Basics of theory and practice on how to react to the camera: structure, reaction, Decoupage.
  • Introduction to the goal towards the production of a video, from planning to shot.


Improving the security of 'technical and artistic use of his own camera. Do you know the basics and the tools most 'important for the planning and' implementation of a video production.


Amateurs ambitious, aspiring video journalists, photographers interested in film and video professionals


Owning your own video equipment recently, and the desire to improve their quality 'in terms of image acquisition.

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NEW!! from Photos of Africa, LIVE BROADCAST  

Broadcast live high definition video directly to the Web




Watch live video from photosofafrica on

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East Coast Radio - Durban's No1 Nice to see that one of the Biggest Radio Stations in South Africa,  like my Tourism Videos..


East caost Radio

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Wildlife Channel on your TV via your Phone Now you can watch all our wildlife films from your mobile, on to your own TV.

Wildlife Channel TV APP (when you complete settings* use "open internet" on your phone not the You Tube icon)

Pair with your TV or Computer Screen LINK (then go to settings*)


You need this YouTube APP to pair with your TV

How it works - YouTube

How it works - Vimeo

For internet Broadcasting we use Teradek


Live broadcasting by Ustream


Links: Boxee



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Scan the photo with your Phone/iPad Scan the photo with your Phone/iPad with "Layar APP" and see what happens to your phone. AMAZING !!!! 


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Photos of Africa internet TV reaches 3 000 000 views in 15 months !!! Photos of Africa internet TV

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Online Shop - Prints, Canvas, T-shirts, Mouse Pads...... for sale Just click on any photo you would like to print in the "Photos" section.


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Establishment and Tourism community Exposure :

  • Internet and Mobile TV (Europe, USA, UK, Canada, Australia and India)with over 3 Million views per year
  • Our TV Channel plays in 30 000 Hotel rooms in South Africa
  • South Africa Travel Channel platform - South Africa Travel Channel
  • Various other internet TV platforms - Vimeo - - Dailymotion - YouTube
  • Social Media with over 25 000 likes and friends in Tourism industry - Twitter - LinkedIn - Facebook - Google+
  • Tourism and Wildlife Mobile Apps over 1000 downloads per month
  • Cape Town TV
  • Tui Travel in Germany using all our Documentary style Films and Photos
  • AAA Travel in South Africa - Hout Bay using our videos and photos
  • Our Travel Channel has a full page cover in Encounter Magazine
  • Video links on , hits over 100 000 per month.
  • Office in Europe - Germany, there where it matters for events and networking
  • Over 40 Documentary Tourism films broadcast over the world
  • 18 years experience in the Tourism industry


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Our South Africa Travel Channel plays in 30 000 Hotel Rooms IMG00486-20101116-1526

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Photos of Africa internet TV reaches 1 000 000 views !!! Photos of Africa internet TV

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Tui Travel using Photos of Africa's Videos and Photos to Market South Africa Tourism Tui Travel Germany



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Amarula Sponsor Photos of Africa

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Photos of Africa expand - Germany Photos of Africa open office in Germany, 2013


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Cape to Vic Falls Film This is a project i am busy with, it starts at Cape Town and end at Victoria Falls....will keep you posted when the 35 min film is complete.

cape to vic falls


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My new web site .... I am Happy with my new web site , for first time in years !!!! 




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