Navigate interactively! 360° Videos complete 360° panorama photos with the latest technology of hard- and software for producing interactive films. These videos can be controlled and moved via the mouse or the keyboard and enable the user to actively take part in the action. Unique, modern and affordable. Everywhere applicable – in motorsport as well as at shows or at business events. 360° Videos can be watched as Flash-video on your PC or MAC. The size of the video file is depending on the quality, the length and the speed of the internet connection. The videos are available in modern or compressed .mp4 standard and can be watched on the computer. An additional technology for watching 360° Videos on mobile devices is about to be developed.

Book today your interactive 360 degree video. One or several 360° videos from your property. Our videos can be integrated directly into your website or Facebook.

For producing 360° Videos, 6 cameras, respectively 6 fish-eye-cameras are used to cover the entire area. The cameras have to be placed correctly and always in the same angle by a special camera mounting. Then the recorded videos are synchronized by time and sound, cut and processed to one single straight video which shows the front, the back, left and right, up and down at once, similar to an equirectangular panorama image or a fulldome video. This requires a high computing power. 
Finally we get a video which can be made controllable and watchable by a special web player. Depending on the resolution, the image and sound quality are varying, as well as the size and the playback speed of the 360° Video.
A standard short 360° Video has approximately 20-50 MB and can be watched within some seconds, depending on the computing power of the PC and the speed of the internet connection. For a higher resolution video, the size of the file is significantly larger of course.